Medicine Department

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Emergency Case

In case of emergency we are always with you. We beleive in quality service and offers you various types of emergency services for your better life.

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Open 24 Hours

We are always available 24/7 on your service.
Please stay connected with us and
take our awesome services.

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Our Treatment

We always try to provide you the better service and better treatment for your family.

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Department Introduction

Our department is fully committed to achieve and maintain the highest professional excellence while delivering compassionate and empathetic medical care at reasonable cost to all its clientele ensuring minimum impact to the Environment through an efficient integrated Quality & Environmental Management System.

We will improve the competence of our personnel on continuous basis, to ensure that every patient who steps into our hospital is treated with dignity, decorum, decency and dedication resulting in he/ she is going back satisfied with the standard of total care and that the services so rendered have been provided in an atmosphere of maximum environmental protection.

We concentrate on:

*  Commitment to strongly follow the ethical matters of the profession
*  Compliance to all legal, regulatory and other legislative requirements
*  Commitment to attract, recruit, motivate and retain the best manpower
*  Provide best of education to promote young talents in health care
*  Work towards sustainable development and continuous improvement of the environment
*  Motivation of employees to enhance their knowledge and skills
*  Commitment to achieve continuous incremental improvement in quality, safety and security to
    uphold the best and highest standards in health care
*  Commitment towards achieving the best of customer satisfaction through above aspects.

Oasis Offers

Oasis Hospital provides some attractive offer for you and your family.

  • Offer price
  • Offer price
  • mad 20 10 TK
  • ABC 12000 TK

our Doctors list

    DR. WILSON DEB Physician

    Dr. Muhammad Ruhul Kabir Physician




Oasis Hospital ensure your better treatment within your capacity.

  • Treatment price
  • Treatment price
  • ppp 100 TK
  • SSSS 10100 TK