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Department Introduction

Oasis Urthroscopy and Trauma Center

Oasis Hospital's Trauma and Orthopaedic center provides the most competent and professional treatment of Arthoplasty, trauma of the musculo-skeletal system. It is equipped with sophisticated equipment to facilitate the all types of trauma and orthopedic surgeries. The centre boasts of an outstanding faculty who are renowned for their expertise in evaluation and management of patients with bone and joint problems and specializes in the treatment like:

•    Total Hip Replacement
•    Revision Hip Replacement
•    Total Knee Replacement
•    Revision Knee Replacement
•    Broken Arm
•    Cervical Fracture
•    Elbow Fractures
•    Forearm Fracture
•    Fracture of the Pelvis
•    Fracture of Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
•    Hip Fractures
•    Knee Fracture
•    Olecranon Fractures
•    Rib Fracture
•    Radial Head Fractures
•    Shinbone (Tibia) Fractures
•    Thighbone (Femur) Fracture
•    Arthritis of the Shoulder
•    Broken Collarbone
•    Dislocated Shoulder
•    Fracture of the shoulder blade (scapula)
•    Frozen Shoulder
•    Rotator Cuff Tears
•    Shoulder Impingement (Bursitis, Tendinitis)
•    Shoulder Joint Replacement
•    Clubfoot
•    Elbow Fractures in Children
•    Flexible flatfoot in children
•    Forearm Fractures in Children
•    Achilles tendon
•    Adult (Acquired) Flatfoot
•    Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle
•    Clubfoot
•    Diabetic foot
•    Fracture of the Talus
•    Fractures of the Heel
•    Heel Pain
•    Plantar fasciitis
•    Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle
•    Sprained Ankle
•    Toe and Forefoot Fractures

The department is supported by the most elaborate intensive care services, a modern Accident and emergency department.

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